Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse,

On a day where cold nips

The sun half covered

By the moon which hovered

In front of the sun

The eclipse, has now begun.

Crickets chirp,

Owls get to work.

Sky go’s black, 

In totality for only a little, before the moon heads back.

The solar eclipse, done like a flash,

Is all gone, and home you dash



13 years old

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  • The Sun

    The warm vibrant sun, 

    Out to bring more fun, 

    Heating the earth and its people with warmth, 

    And the previous cold is not mourned. 

  • His Majesty

    I stand there, wind knocked out of me. 

    In front of me: his majesty. 

    Quickly I bow as not to anger, 

    And the king raises his hand to keep order. 

    The room falls silent,