The Start of a Change

Why should anyone alive today actually care about climate change? 

This is a sentiment held by many people, even if they do not realize it. 

The vast majority of people are aware that it is happening, and yet they still live their lives as if it wasn't a very real and pressing issue. 

This, however, is not the case for the group of bright young individuals in Montana who very recently won a great victory over climate change. In the case of Held v. Montana it was ruled that the burning of fossil fuels without accounting for climate change is unconstitutional. This ruling is a great revelation for activists, and one that truly does inspire great hope.

Change is such a contradictory process. Most often, change is needed immediately, and yet it takes a very long time to happen. The Earth needs to stop burning fossil fuels now, but it will be at minimum multiple decades before that is even possible. Some may see this fact as daunting, and the aforementioned court ruling as pointless, but it is proof that the change we need so badly is happening right now. Even if we do not realize it now, the ruling of Held v. Montana is proof that change is coming.


Posted in response to the challenge Montana.



18 years old