14 years old


  • Second Amendment

    Fact: States with less gun control have higher rates of shootings

    Fact: Suicide attempts are far more likely to succeed when a gun is involved

    Fact: On average, 316 people in the US are shot every day

  • Happy Birthday Molly!

    Dear friend,

    your presence in the present moment is the best present I could ask for

    ironically, speaking of presents, it seems I've forgotten yours

    so I'll hope praise and prose will work until I can buy you candy

  • For Them

    It does not feel fair that someone like you must be in a world with people like these
    A world with all the horrors of the news broadcasts 
    and real

  • Happy Birthday, Mom

    Dear Mom,

    I forgot to buy you something again. I guess I couldn't find anything that expressed my gratitude enough, so I've decided to write you something until I have time to buy you that wine you like.