Second Amendment

Fact: States with less gun control have higher rates of shootings

Fact: Suicide attempts are far more likely to succeed when a gun is involved

Fact: On average, 316 people in the US are shot every day

Fact: The NRA used to be pro-gun control

Fact: Banning assault weapons does not prevent deaths

Fact: The second amendment is vastly unclear on whether it is the right of the individual or the militia to have guns; bias is what makes up interpretation

Fact: We have drills to teach kindergarteners what to do when there is a shooter at school
Fact: My brother is dead terrified of shootings, and I am just glad the word 'terrified' is in that sentence

Fact: I am grieving for my siblings in humanity, gone because of 'wrong place, wrong time'

Fact: I will not stand idly by when violence is winning.

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14 years old

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