Them and me

I feel like this sometimes as if I am all alone but surrounded by moving bodies filled with heat fake smiles on plastic faces 

If I really knew them this would never happen plastic peeled away to reveal a soft inside like a juicy southern peach shipped all the way to new england

Plastic covering perfect smiles never know if they hate you or love you or something in between look down on you as if you never really matter to anyone at all

Maybe I would not judge them say I hate their perfect bodies and perfect smiles if I was not scared they whispered about me behind their perfect butts

Maybe I would not clam up when they spoke to me if I could tell what the intent was but I just stay quiet

Because who am I to compare to them with their perfect plastic bodies with perfect plastic faces and perfect plastic smiles filled with perfect pearl white teeth

Maybe I should remember 

That I am happy just being me 

And do they ever smile 

Like no one is watching?



17 years old

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