They Are Watching Us

They are watching us, if that’s what it takes. They are waiting, waiting, waiting, for our decisions that will mean their life or death, and that of their planet. We can wait, watch, hope they are able to do it themselves. Or. We can take an instant, a second, a moment, to prepare, produce, organize. To finish, complete, perpetrate. To take from those who have too much and give to those who have too little. We can. It doesn’t hurt us to care for the future. They aren’t asking too much. One change, a little thing, nothing more than a flick of a switch from all of us, nothing more than a different milk, and we can. Achieve things for us, and for them. Find a life where they can live, a life that we can live knowing we are alive for them and not for us, that we have done enough to not destroy, raze, demolish. This planet we have inherited and so must pass on again. This planet we have taken for our own, to whom our ashes will go and be protected forevermore, who has seen our ancestors, our brethren, our forebears. A brutal murder? Which is seen to be a measure worth of death, in some of our places. And yet so far beyond our mortal lives, we have taken it upon ourselves to murder our earth and never be punished beyond some petty measure, a drop in sales. They are watching us, again and again and again. They will see what we do far more than we ever shall, yet we, we little beings, we don’t do what we know they shall be proud of, what we know, shall save their lives. 

Posted in response to the challenge My Plea.



15 years old

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