The Treacherous Mount Everest Climb

There was a fearless girl named Emma who had a passion for mountain climbing. Her next challenge was to conquer the treacherous Mount Everest. However, Emma had a secret, she suffered from claustrophobia, a fear of confined spaces. Undeterred by her fear, Emma embarked on her journey, equipped with her trusty climbing gear. As she went up the mountain, she encountered a narrow, small path that seemed impossible to navigate. Her claustrophobia began to kick in, but she refused to let it hold her back. Emma used her grappling hook to secure herself to the rocky walls, allowing her to move forward without feeling trapped. With each step, she focused on her breathing and the beauty of the surrounding landscape, pushing her claustrophobia to the back of her mind and not thinking about the small spaces she was in. As she climbed higher, the path became even narrower, with towering cliffs on both sides. Emma's heart raced, but she wanted to overcome her fear. She reminded herself that the view from the top would be worth it. With the help of her grappling hook, Emma maneuvered through the tight spaces, inch by inch, step by step. She marveled at the resilience of the mountain, its jagged rocks and sheer cliffs. The adrenaline pumping through her veins fueled her climb up the mountain. Finally, after what felt like days, Emma reached the top! The feeling of accomplishment overwhelmed her, and she basked in the breathtaking view of the world below. Her overcoming her claustrophobia filled her with a new found sense of strength and resilience. Emma's story spread far and wide, inspiring others to confront their own fears head-on. She became a symbol of courage and determination, showing that with the right mindset and tools, anything is possible. And so, the girl who grappled with claustrophobia conquered Mount Philo, proving that fear is no match for her. Emma's journey serves as a reminder to everyone that we are capable of achieving greatness, even when it comes to our deepest fears.


Written by Adelle Batdorf

Grade 7

Posted in response to the challenge Climber.

Summit House-WCS


YWP Instructor