Tree so Tall

The seed will grow for years and years.

It will grow strong and tall, 

with limbs so thick and leaves so green.

My tree will have it all.


In summer we may have a picnic in its shade, 

red checkered blanket and all,

and chat with the birds that have made

their homes in my tree so tall.


In autumn the leaves will turn red and orange,

and later they will fall.

We will make piles to jump in

under my tree so tall.


In winter when the world's asleep,

and everything's gone gray,

my tree will hang with icicles,

and sparkle on a sunny day.


In spring the bare branches will bud,

and soon will drip with green,

and my tree, so strong and tall,

will have grown 6 feet that spring!


So now I bury that little seed.

It will grow strong and tall,

and all the memories we make together,

our tree will remember it all.

Posted in response to the challenge Planting.



13 years old