Weekly Challenges

Green tree, green grass



Begin a story or poem with the planting of a tree. Is the action symbolic to your character in some way? Does the tree mark a special location to them? [Photo by Johann Siemens on Unsplash]


  • Planting

    Plant a tree 

    Grow a life

    Hold a heart, a seed, 

    A piece of something bigger than you

    You can make a difference and change the world 

  • Tree so Tall

    The seed will grow for years and years.

    It will grow strong and tall, 

    with limbs so thick and leaves so green.

    My tree will have it all.


    In summer we may have a picnic in its shade, 

  • Tree

    Set on a lone countryside, the sun shines brightly.

    A little toddler, in too-big garden gloves and dirtied overalls holds out a sapling. She kneels down and sets the sapling down…

    Two years later