Two Years Ago

I remember

Almost two years ago now

I remember it quite clearly

By the vent where cool air was blowing

Thinking I’ll never see this place again.

I look at the classroom around me.

5th grade.

My friends  are fooling around a few feet away.

I feel a sense of melancholy 

Nervous, as well.

I think of the memories. 
The time my teacher had brought in her cotton candy machine.

All the times I had to make sure

My friends weren’t getting in trouble

While they played Cool Math Games

When they were supposed to be writing essays.

Happy memories.

Yet they make me sad.

I’ll never see this again.

I’m not sure when I’ll even see them again.

I’ll never be in the same class as them again.

Maybe I should have treasured those good memories more.

Soaked it up while it lasted.

That’s in the past now.

It’s time to go. 
My backpack is on my back.

“Let’s say goodbye to this teacher and that teacher!”

My parents say.

I don’t really want to.

Sure, I’ll miss them.

Sure, it’s gonna be tough without them.

But I only have eyes for the exit.

2 years ago was 5th grade for me. 
It’s crazy.

I barely remember it.

But I remember it enough.

I still have my writing notebook

With my writing assignments

When I would say how my weekend was

And my teacher would put a checkmark next to the writing

That I will never forget.

A memory of mine forever.

That checkmark.




2 years ago, June 9th, 2022.



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