I stare at rolling fields, watching the houses slip by. I look up at the mountains, noticing the warm tint on the trees that blanket them. It’s past 7 PM, one of the most beautiful times of the day in Vermont. I’m in the car, staring out at this beauty. It sinks in how glad I am to have moved here. It feels like every day I’m on vacation. I look out into the pretty sky, the grand mountains, the vast valleys. Beauty. Peace. Vermont.



13 years old

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  • Two Years Ago

    I remember

    Almost two years ago now

    I remember it quite clearly

    By the vent where cool air was blowing

    Thinking I’ll never see this place again.

    I look at the classroom around me.

    5th grade.

  • Daydreamer

    I am a daydreamer

    As I walk along the fields,

    math, science, or English lessons don't fill my mind

    No, I see stories

    I think of things that puzzle me

    I think of superheroes

    How each one is different