A Way Your Spirit Knows

Finding the voice
that is nestled 
deep within 
is like unfolding 
a pair 
of shimmering wings

That voice
that has been covered up 
hidden away
and muted
to your world 
is precious

For me
she is a bird 
with golden feathers
and a song
like the mist rising
off a lake lit with pre-dawn light

As soon as I hear her
I know
she will show me the universe
carry me out 
of the physical world
and into the sunrise
of a world just beyond

I feel the steady beat                                                                                      
of her wings
as they                   
thwump thwump              
to the rhythm              
of my heart’s drum   
Coming back
to this world that we call 
our own
is like waking from a dream
everything is possible
there was no such thing as
because everywhere
is a way 
your spirit knows

A silence fills me 
and my eyes flicker
fluttering closed
I listen for her song
feel for the 
thwump thwump
of her wings
but can find only a stillness 
like the one that comes with the darkness 
of a winter night

And in that darkness 
I see it
a light enclosing me
showing me a path
unexplored and undetected

I see myself
my shimmering wings
extended into the sunset
each golden feather 
poised to take flight
ready to cut through
the unknowns of night

Worries do not cloud my thoughts
rather dreams 
half dreamed 
the language my heart speaks
my golden wings
they sing



14 years old

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