Well Loved

I find it difficult to get rid of shirts that I wore when I was thirteen.

Since I know how much I used to love them.

I sense she would feel betrayed if she saw it 

Hanging on a rack at the thrift store.

Perhaps the reason it’s so hard for me to get rid of them 

Is because I don’t want to hurt her anymore than I already have.

Or is it because I am grieving the loss of my childhood?

Since I find myself holding onto anything that is left of the little girl I once was.



17 years old

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    Time seems to move slower when it rains

    Cars hesitate before they turn 

    Bird wings lag as raindrops batter their feathers

    The world seems small and heavy

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    My first car has absorbed the beauty of your soul

    The wholeness of your heart

    Your voice rushes through the air vents and echoes through the quiet space

    It blows the flyaways of my hair