I love the sound of 

your voice,

your laugh,

And when we can giggle over nothing.


I love it when we sleep over, 

acting like dorks past 2 am.


I love that I can be myself with you- 

more than I have with anyone else.


You make me laugh until I can’t breathe.

You make me smile until my cheeks hurt.

You make me happier than anyone else has.


And when I’m hurting, you help me.

You’ll do the tiniest of things, that mean the world to me. 


You’re crafty, you make paper crafts constantly, all the time- stuff with beads, and fabric.


You have the kindest of hearts, always looking out for others. 

Putting them before yourself.


And most of all you are the one who has helped me at my lowest,

who has brought me to my highest.

I can’t imagine where I would possibly be

without you. 



14 years old

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