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Sep 27

Asking Questions

One thing that you can pretty much depend on during an interview, is that you’ll be given a chance to ask your own questions. This is a great opportunity, not only to clear up any confusion you might have, but also to show that you are dedicated to the job or internship being offered. Relevant, specific questions about the job duties, or the mission and vision of the company show the interviewer that you’ve done your homework, you care about the opportunity, and that you have an active, inquisitive mind.
The first step towards asking good questions, is to do your research. This means more than just reading through job postings, and the company’s “about” page on their website. Check out what they do. Learn about their recent projects. See what tone they take on social media. Learn all you can.
After you’ve done your research, jot down 3-5 questions that you’d like to have answered. A few of them may end up being covered at some point in the interview, so you’ll want to remember a handful of them as you go into the interview.
Post your questions here, and a short explanation for why you chose the questions you did.
Bonus: Record yourself asking the questions, and upload the recording here. Sometimes things come across differently in print versus out loud.

Feedback: Respond to at least one other XP response. Let them know if any of their questions were confusing, or came across in a way they may not have intended. Point out your favorite question, and let them know why.