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Oct 10

Be Prepared

To get started, watch this video.....

For your own interview, decide WHO you want to feature. Who would make an interesting story? Who would be willing to share their story with you? And how do you want to tell it -- in writing, photos, audio, video -- all of them? We'll leave these decisions to you.
And we'll focus in this Playlist on interviewing tips and techniques that are designed to get the best story possible.

Tip 1: Be prepared! Know your subject well before your interview -- research as much as possible -- so you can ask informed questions.

Tip 2: Make a core list of questions that must be asked. Generally, they are the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW and WHY of the story. 

Tip 3: Phrase your questions so answers are more than yes or no -- especially for audio or video interviews.
Try asking questions in multiple ways until you land on the full, interesting answers you're looking for. For instance: “Do you like writing?” will give you a yes/no answer. Instead, try: “What is it about writing that you like?”
If you get a blank look, go further, and try making some suggestions, such as: "Is it the way the words sound?" or "Is it the reactions people have to your writing?"

Activity: Settle on an interview subject and start researching. Make a list of the questions you want to ask - every question that comes to mind, based on your research.
Click on the response button for this XP, and record your questions here. Then go back and mark in bold the core questions -- the essential ones that must be asked. (You don't want to leave an interview and realize you missed one of your key questions!)
The other questions on your list might be time-fillers or their importance might become evident as the interview progresses. Don't delete them! They might come in handy.