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Oct 13

Record Something

Getting Started

The first step, of course, is getting familiar with the technology of recording and editing. Above is a decent 13-minute walk through on some basics of Audacity
which is a free and very powerful sound recording and editing software. Here's where to download it: And also muscle through the information for setting up to export your finished product into an mp3:

Activity I: Recording Your Voice
Presuming you have downloaded and familiarized yourself, now simply record your own voice. If you have an external microphone, plug it in to either the line-in jack (the one that looks like a headphone jack) or into an available USB slot on your computer. (If you're using a built-in microphone, you should be good to go.)
Now, pick a piece of writing (your own or something that you enjoy) that you want to record yourself reading.
Something short is fine.

  • Take a deep breath before you begin speaking--you'll need a good supply of air to deliver your words with power.
  • Take a moment to let the recording start, and allow the listener to orient him- or herself. Take your time.
  • Allow a moment after you finish reading, before you stop the recording. A couple of seconds of silence at the beginning and end of a recording can lend a much more professional feel to the final product.
Activity II: Now, let's make a second recording but now of just you talking. In the same file (click your cursor at the end of your first recording, and just hit record again to continue recording in the same project) simply, talk. Make believe you are having a conversation with someone. Or, respond to this prompt: Describe for us what you think would be a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Now, Export that single project with two recordings as a .wav or .mp3 file. (FYI: .wav has much more material but is bigger and .mp3 is the common Web format, is compressed and is the type compatible with most audio players.)
After exporting, upload your recording as a response to this XP. AND, write in the body box what you notice about the differences in the sound of your voice in the two recordings.

COLLABORATION: Go listen to another participant's recording and give them some observations in the comment section.

(For a non-video different type of walkthrough of this XP, using Audacity, head over to our tutorial on!)