Workshop > Bonus: Record in your Post
Oct 13

Bonus: Record in your Post

For a quick audio recording--just getting your thoughts out, or reading a piece of your writing--you can record with your computer's microphone, right onto your blog.

Start by clicking the add media link in the 'create a blog post' page.

There are a number of options once you open the 'add media' section. We're going to focus on where it says "Audio."

The first step is to click that button that says "Browse."

From here you'll have the option to upload an audio file already saved on your computer, or to record your own audio, right to your blog.

The process isn't too hard. Simply click the "Recorder" tab on the top right, and you'll be prompted to select either audio or video.

From here, you'll have to grant access to your microphone, and then you'll be ready to start recording.

Be sure you give your recording a title, start the recording, stop it when you are finished, and then click save.

Your audio file should now appear in your 'create blog post' page.

Once you save the blog post, you and your peers will be able to listen to what you've just recorded, right in your blog post.

Just click the play button, and make sure your volume is up!