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Oct 20


Prewriting refers to whatever method you use to organize your ideas, before you start piecing together a full draft. For longer, more complex stories, prewriting is essential. It helps you keep your ideas in order, and gives you a visual of how all of your plot points connect and make sense.

Many stories end up going through multiple rounds of prewriting--often starting out sparsely and getting more detailed and complex as the ideas become more concrete.

Different authors have different styles. Some people are very regimented, others more free-wheeling. Some types of prewriting lay out a template to follow, and others are determined by the idea. The point is to find one that helps your writing--makes it easier. Not one that weighs you down, or gets in the way of your creativity.

For this Playlist, we're going to talk about three different categories of prewriting styles, and what each of those contains. You're invited to create as many prewrites as you want, but we encourage you to try at least one from each category, so you can see what works best for you. In order to do this, you'll need to have some sort of story idea. If you don't already have an idea, head over to one of the Idea Starter playlists, and do some exploring!

For this XP, we just want you to get thinking about what you've tried in the past. Make a short (one or two paragraphs maybe) post about what your process usually is when you're starting and essay or a story. Post your quick description of that process as a response to this XP.