Oct 21

Running In The Rain

The ball flies through the sky 
Once it comes crashing down, it hits my feet
Sopping wet, I try to carry the ball up, but end up trying to pass down the middle
But loosing control, the other team kicks it out away from me
I go for the throw
The ball wet on my fingers
Mud splashing in the face
I take a step back to gaze for my teammates and throw down the line
Dragging one foot along the ground as I do so
Running back onto the field, I run up as the ball moves forward
Player shoots
Goalie catches and kicks it out
My glasses are too fogged up to see where it went, so I just stand there, hoping someone from our defense gets to it
And they do
They pass the ball up and I get it
Too scared of the person on my side and pass the ball back
Catching myself as I almost slip
The rain stops for about ten minutes
In that ten minutes, the ball stayed near our defense
Rarely coming to us forwards
And right as the ball starts to fly up
They blow the whistle