Workshop > The Message
Oct 21

The Message

A hidden message poem involves "hiding" your message in plain sight throughout your poem. That might mean, the first (or last) word of each line, when read in a row, reveal a secret message. Or perhaps, every word that's capitalized creates a message when strung together. There are increasingly complicated ways to hide your message throughout your poem, and depending on how creative you want to get, and how much you want to challenge your reader, you could spend days coming up with a "code" for your hidden message poem.

To get started though, you need a message. Think about a simple message you want to nestle into your poem. It could be something that explains part of your poem, or reflects the main idea--or maybe it's something that's meant to make your reader think twice about what your poem means. It could be something funny, meaningful, personal, or relatable.

When you think of the message you want to hide in your poem, post it here.

Remember, if your message is long, your poem is going to have to be long too--and your message might get lost! If you've never done a hidden message poem before, it's best to keep it short and direct--avoid using too many overly specific words, or they'll stand out in your poem!