Workshop > The Package
Oct 21

The Package

Now that you have an idea for your secret message poem, think about how you're going to package the message.

This "packaging" process has two main components.

First: The Logistics

How do you want to hide the words (or perhaps more accurately, reveal the words)? Do you want it to be difficult for the reader to find, and risk some readers missing it? Do you want it to be easily noticeable, and make it the focus of your poem? Think about the "code" you'll use to hide/reveal the words.

Some possibilites:
First word of each line
Last word of each line
Every rhyming word
Every word that's formatted differently (italics, bold, capitalized etc.)
Second word of each line, etc.
Every indented word/line

The possibilities are endless!

Second: The Content

In addition to how you hide the words, there is so much meaning that can be derived from where you hide the words. Think of the impact you want your hidden message to have.

Maybe your message is an uncommon opinion--what would the impact be if the rest of the poem espoused the common opinion, but when you read the hidden message, you saw a whole new side to the story?
Maybe you want to emphasize the content of your poem with your hidden message. A love poem that has a hidden message of love is like a two-for-one deal! Or maybe you want to do the same thing with an angst poem!
Think about how the message and the content interact with each other--and interact with the reader.

Post a quick explanation of how you plan to make this hidden message work. Make sure to mention both parts--The Logistics, and The Content--and how you want them to work.