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Oct 21

The Product

Now it's time to pull together what we've been talking about, and add in the rest of the words!

It might help to jot down your secret message in the approximate places where the words will show up, so you don't miss any (for example, if they're going to be the first word of each line, go ahead and write them all in on the left side of your post).

Think about the content you want to include, and begin to formulate your poem. Remember the basics of poetry as you go along. Do you want to include some wordplay? Does your poem rhyme? Are you writing in a specific poetic form (hidden message poems can be in almost any form)?

Here's a short example from a YWP staff member:

I don't know what else I
can say. I know you are still
upset with me. But know my love
will never end. I'm thinking of you.

The last word of each line reveals a sweetly sad sentiment, that brings the poem together (once you notice it).

But you can do better than that!

When you're comfortable with your draft, post it as a response to this XP!