Oct 25
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gray came in march
when the black and white of winter
started to recede and
before color was born again

gray comes in the evening
a bridge between two worlds 
night and day
not a part of either one

gray waits in the shadows
hiding from the brilliant sun
and the mysterious darkness
and no one notices

gray is used to going unnoticed
being noticed is dangerous
because all too often attention
turns out to be a bad thing

sometimes gray is acknowledged
but only when someone says
'isn't it such a bleak, gray day?
what a pity.'

No one notices the warm ashes 
of a fire where gray resides
or when gray occupies the folds of 
a well loved quilt
but that doesn't matter
gray doesn't require acknowledgment
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About the Author: Della
'I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.' -Nelson Mandela