Oct 28
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There on main street is a very quiet house some say it’s haunted, doors open and shut all you hear is (Reeee!) when you look back it’s shut. All that go never return! No one goes trick or treating there until today!

    “Marrie time for bed!”

“Mom it's the night before halloween!” I hate going to bed when she can watch a scary movie. It’s simply not fair. Mom watches movies before bed why not me? “Ok mom!” She yelled down the stairs.

    I doubt she really will go to bed, she won’t even look at her own costume that she picked out. It’s not that bad I mean really it’s a (I eat apples to keep the doctor out costume.) I think it is cute! Not to her I guess.

    “Mom” she said, “can I-


“But it’s about my costume-


    “Ok I don’t really like my costume, It looked better on E-bay. I want to- ok I do look good in it well would you let me stay and hand out the candy too?”

    I would love that. “Sure!”

    Marrie quietly snuck down the stairs she crept down the hall, “mom” she said softly, “can I watch too I can’t sleep-


    I’ll take that as a yes.

    The next morning, “yes!! It’s Halloween!!” I can’t wait- oh yah I stay with mom to hand out treats. Darn! “Mom, can I change my-” sniff, “that smells good. Mom what did you make now!?

    “Who wants a cookie! I might just eat all of them myself.”

    “Mom, thanks! Wow there amazing!” I didn’t know what more to say than, “Mom I- wow” I mean really come on  just (wow) that is so pathetic. “Ok it’s noon I’m going trick or treating now, I’ll come back later to hand out treats.

    “Oh, well ok.

    “Thanks mom! Keeping my promise.” Well I might, I hope. I want to prove the haunted house isn't haunted. Later at the haunted house, nock, nock, nock. The house was dead quiet…. Reeee!! The door had squeaked like kids said but Marrie was nowhere close to being scared. She was on her tippy- toes when, EKKKK, she was swept off her feet by bats! “Put me down, where are you taking me?” I hate not knowing where i’m going it’s annoying- right in the middle of her thoughts, “wow this place, that’s why kids that go here never return, it’s like paradise here! “Wait, how do I get out of here and leave?”

“walk into that wall over there” One of the kids said.

“What now way! Ok-fine I’ll be mad if I just hit the wall!” Siwwwww, “Am I, home? Yes now I’m going to ask my mom if she want’s to go there, mom,


Do you want a free vacation?

Marrie how are we going to get a free vacation?

Come on here,What? It’s gone where, what, grrrrrr I’ll just go trick or treating, Never mind!”
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