Oct 28
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Usually when you go to sleep at night you may hear owls or maybe just wind blowing through the windows. Not for me. I hear the honking horns from cars and sirens from fire trucks and ambulances. Some nights I hear fireworks and me and my mom go to the window and watch the spectacular show. But one night when there seemed to be no loud noises I almost went to sleep in a minute. Then out of nowhere BOOM! A firework shot into the sky. It was so bright that my entire room lit up into a colorful flash. I went out of my room then walked into the kitchen. “Wow” said my mom.

“Do you want to walk to see the fireworks closer?” My mother asked with a little bit of excitement in her voice.

“Yes”! I said as I ran into my room and got some leggings and a warm jacket on me. Then

I ran back to mother and tied on my shoes.

“Are you ready”? I asked my mother as she grabbed her jacket and put it on.

“Yep, lets go!” When we walked out of are apartment to the sidewalk we could see an amazing light show. It wasn't like ever before. The buildings lit up because of the reflection. We walked down the street. We were silent as we watched the fireworks. There were amazing colors like pink,blue,purple,yellow,orange,red, and even green.

“I have never seen anything like this mom” I said.

“Me either, it looks just like the norther lights”

“Yeah” I replied to my mom. She used to live in alaska. She is an expert on norther animals. I still don’t know why she moved to New York City. As we walked down the street I noticed that there was not a big crowd. When the fireworks ended I fell asleep right when I got home. Even though the spectacular fireworks were over I could still hear them in my head.

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