Oct 28
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On an October night in Brooklyn a not so popular kid named Noah was sleeping in his apartment when the tragic event happened. The night was becoming bright by the second it got closer and closer until it landed in town square hitting everything in it’s path. When it stopped 35 men came jumping out armed. They started splitting up running everywhere,they were with Hitler.

“We are looking for a kid named Noah”. They came yelling. Noah was freaked out so was his parents. They bribed them saying….

“If you give us the kid we won’t kill you”. But of course the parents did what they said and gave Noah to the 35 men. But then all of a sudden Noah hits a guard and starts running for his life. The guard that got hit yelled….

“OH IT'S ON”. In a german accent.They ran after Noah firing towards him but then they got a call from Hitler saying….

“Bring the boy back alive or I do the same to you”. That one yelled….

“Don’t kill the kid boss wants him alive”. So they did what he said trying to get Noah but he kept running faster and faster until he saw 35 men of the U.S military.He stoped in shock wondering if they were gong to do something about the goons chasing him.They did the told Noah….

“GO GO FIND SHELTER”. So Noah started running again but then all of a sudden he fond a ally that had a switch to a secrate passage. So he pulled it and a door apeared out of knowere he went in it and he was in town sqaure. So he ran to his house by the time he got there the germans were gone. They went back to Germany and Noah lived hpply ever after.
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