Oct 28
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    The house was dead quiet. Silence lurked everywhere, in the darkness of this house. It was all quiet-all quiet except for the old, fraile stairs. They moaned loudly with every step. And with every step, my heart beat faster and faster.

    The house was scary no matter how you look at it. From the doll in the corner, to the spiders in the sink, it was creepy. The doll was the scariest part, though, was the doll. Looking at it made me think that at any second it could spring to life and murder me in the bathroom. Of course it did spring to life, turning its head toward me with a quick jerking motion.

    “Run!” I said, my cousin ditching me from the bottom of the stairs.

    The doll sprung towards me, shoving me, pulling me into the bathroom. This is the end of me.
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