Oct 28
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I woke up with noise drifting in from the streets.I stepped outside my apartment door, the cold air brushed against my cheeks turning them rosey red. I clutch my blanket and wrap it tighter around my body making sure the damp wind doesn't get in. I see people crowding the street , all of them looking of into the foggy night air. I gaze up at the stars, but to my surprise the sky is filled with colorful lights,blue,green,purple,and pink.I hold my breath amazed by the lights as they dance and swirl around me in bright lines.I stare at the lights they wave at me and I wave back. I watch the lights the twirl in their night, covering the stars but no one cares.I dream I am those lights, gowing and gleaming moving in harmony, dancing together discovering the world by night. I lived to see those lights, and I know when they come back there dance will be more beautiful than ever.
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