Oct 28
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Coosania - Lights Photo

    “Grandma? Can you tell me one last story before I go to bed?” “Oh sweet Jade, that is a lot to ask for when you have had two in one night, but I guess so. What do you say, Shall we start in 3012, when I was a kid?” “Yea!” “All right, now you must remember, there was a lot going on in that time, humans stopped treating the earth poorly, discovered more species of animals, launched more experienced satellites and rockets into space and cured cancer. But, best of all, we discovered a magical place we named Coosania, a place where anything could come true and were magical things sort of like bubbles, floated around in the air, you could do almost anything with them. You could eat them and float around in them. They tasted like grapes. It really was an amazing place. “How do you know?” “Because I have been there.” “Really?” Yes, what else would the story be about?” “I don't know, about what you usually tell for stories, dragons and magical fairies and stuff.” “Well, this time I am telling you a true story. A story about me, and as I was saying, it was on my tenth birthday when my mother took me to Coosania. She woke me up early in the morning, and told me that she was going to take me to a special place for my birthday. The first thought that came to my mind was, “this isn't a very good birthday if I have to wake up early.” But I got into the car any ways. It was a really long drive, about 2 hours. Once we got there, we had to sign in to something by a big building. I thought that my mom had took me to a fancy resort hotel or something. But once we went through the big tall gates, I knew that I was wrong.It was all like a dream. I felt sort of disey, there were lights everywhere, beautiful lights and bubbles, they were  dancing and sort of forming a pattern. It was hard to stare at them for a long time because they were so bright and beautiful. Other people were there of course, but it was really hard to see them. They were like shadows. After a while my mom said to me “This, Sue, is Coosania, a place where almost anything can come true. Do you like it?” and I told her that I loved it.” “Wait, grandma you said earlier that Coosania “was” an amazing place, so what do you mean by that?” “Oh yes, I was getting to that part. You see, after I had visited Coosania, something happened there, something that was top secret. I personally think that the light bubbles weren't just beautiful, I think that there was something bad in them, and that a human got infected or sick by it or something. So, Coosania was closed down after whatever happened. I never heard anyone but my mom and I talk about it .” “Wow, I really thought that I could go to Coosania untill you said that part.” “Well, there is a chance that it is reopening next year.” “Really?” “Well, my friends moms brothers sons friend, heard about it and it was passed on to me.” “Really? Wow.” “I will take you there on your tenth birthday if you want and if it really does reopen.” “Oh grandma you're the best!” “Well, dont get too excited, right now, we just need to go to bed. But I can talk to you more about Coosania tomorrow, okay?” “Okay grandma that was the best story ever thank you. I will probably dream about bubbles and lights and all kinds of wonderful things in Coosania. Good night.” “And goodnight to my dear, I hope that you do dream about those wonderful things. And soon, I will take you to Coosania.”
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