Oct 28
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Haunted House

   I was out one day walking my dog, Chip.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  We were walking home when suddenly, Chip bolted down the street.  His leash was out of my grasp before I knew it.  I quickly ran after him.  When I finally had him in my sight, I instantly knew it was going to turn out bad.  Chip ran right into the open door of a haunted house.  What could possibly be inside a haunted house that made Chip in such a hurry to go in?  When I went inside, the house was dead quiet.  Everything was covered in dust and spider webs.  It looked like nobody had been living here for ages.  The second thing I noticed was the creaking of the floor.  The floor boards looked so old that I was afraid if I took another step, I would plunge down right into the basement.  Once I was inside, the door closed by itself with a big bang.  I was slowly making my way through the house, trying my best to find Chip.  He could be anywhere in this huge haunted house.  The question was where specifically.  I decided to walk into the room to the right of me.  The first thing I noticed was the big portrait of what looked like an aristocrat.  He looked very important with his nice tailored suit and hat.  He looked like nobility once you saw that grin on his face.  Next to that portrait was another portrait.  This time of a woman.  She looked rather young.  I’m guessing that was his wife.  She had a heart shaped face and a nice evening gown on.   I couldn’t help but go into the next room.  I found some broken plates and tea cups that looked like they’d been sitting there for years without being swept up.  Up above my head was a chandelier covered with cobwebs.  It looked really unsteady, so I quickly stepped to the side.  To my surprise, hanging on the wall were framed newspaper articles of the family.  One of the articles congratulated John Harrington on his marriage to Elizabeth Berrie on June 6th, 1959.  There was a photo of them happily posing for the cameras in their wedding attire.  Another had a picture of John cutting a ribbon in front of a building.  The caption underneath it was in honor of John opening a new library for the town of Sunnyville.  Why did John Harrington sound so familiar to me?  I knew I had heard that name before.  That’s right!  The Harrington’s were an extremely wealthy family that lived in Sunnyville in the 1950’s.  They were always on the front page of the newspaper for their philanthropic ways.  Unfortunately, they died in a plane crash in 1965.  Rumor has it that there’s still a fortune in their house.  I was still in the middle of putting this all together when I realized what I really was here for.  I needed to find Chip and quick.  Then I heard Chip barking.  I followed the noise to where he was.  

    “Chip!  There you are boy!  I’ve been looking all over for you.”

    He was still barking.

    “What’s wrong boy?”

    Chip was barking toward a portrait of both John and Elizabeth hanging on the wall.  I went to remove the portrait and there was a hole in the wall.  In the wall was a black bag.  I opened the black bag and my eyes shot up.  Inside the bag were diamonds, sapphires, gold, jewelry, and stacks of cash.  I would never have to work a day in my life if I had this fortune.  I knew it was wrong to take someone else’s riches, but I did find it.  After I had thought about it carefully, I decided it was best to put the treasure back where I had found it.  I did the right thing and put the bag back into the hole and the portrait back on the wall.  Chip and I walked out of the old house and continued our walk home.

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