Oct 31
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Learning to Tame Magical Creatures

      Hello and welcome to learning to tame magical creatures. Today we will be focusing on unicorns. What do you mean they're not real? Of course they're real. They are usually found in the mountains of the elves. They are very skittish and will try to run away from you. Either that or they'll try to stab you with their horn. Whatever happens you must run towards them with your fake unicorn horn glued on your head. Did I mention you have to make a unicorn horn? No? Well you must make one. It's best to use superglue to attach it to your head. Back to what I was saying about running towards the creature. Even if it seems like they won't back down they will. Although maybe they won't. In that case turn and run the opposite direction. Unless of course it's too late. Then you're as good as dead seeing as no one lives near those mountains and you're very much alone. Hopefully that won't happen because once you catch the ‘corn it's quite easy to tame it. All you have to do is hop on its back and hold onto its horn for dear life.  Now, it may try to shake you off but you must continue to hold on. Eventually it will give up and let you ride it back to the nearest town which is 50 miles away. Unless the unicorn decides it doesn't want you on its back you'll be perfectly fine. The ride back to town is quite easy. All you have to do is cross the bridge over the 1,000 foot cliff, navigate through the forest of darkness, and wade through the pond of destruction. Oh, times up. Thanks for coming to learning to tame magical creatures. I'll see you all tomorrow.

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