Oct 31
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house dead quiet

The house was dead quiet you are home alone with nothing just a tv and a kitchen. The doors are locked but you think you hear something like someone was walking up the stairs.Boom boom boom creek…...then you hide in a closet and then you find out it was just ur chubby kitten now have nothing to do but to just sit in your bedroom and be silent but then you realize,that you could watch tv and eat popcorn but you are trying to be silent the whole entire time you are home alone so you just decide that you're gonna get food and go back to your bedroom but you don't know if you should cook food or just heat up some leftovers from the night before. you decide  that you're gonna heat up leftovers.but then your parents get home and your happy that you don't have to be silent anymore and hangout with your parents s before bed.

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