Oct 31
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The clowns

Shuaib Mohamud

On this black night i was driving, and a rain and snow storm hit.
 I got got scared but I kept driving because I knew what was out there, the clowns.
 Rumors say if they were nearby a storm would come I looked behind, there were no cars. That's when it happened. 
I saw something in the road but I couldn't make up what it was I leaned forward and squinted my eyes.
 It looked like a man so I stopped, I got out the car and said “hey, what are you doing out there”? He looked at me smiling and walked toward me. I panicked and got scared.
It was the clown it was him I went in my car and turned it on he started running toward me I slammed the the gear and crushed him, he fell behind me. 
I looked back still going fast and it looked like an abandoned van coming fast I turned off the car's light, parked the car, and ran toward a cabin, I opened the door, and slammed it behind me.
I looked and there was a clown right in front of me with a chainsaw.
Now I'm not no movie expert but in every movie before they die there life flashes before their eyes, and that's what happened to me. 
Welp that's how I died, kinda scary right?

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