Nov 04
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An Ode to Breakfast

There is no doubt in my mind,
that breakfast is the best meal of the day.
Start with some coffee, but not the grinds,
and have some waffles, I pray.

Because, obviously, waffles are the best,
so add some blueberries or chocolate chips.
Get the syrup and forget the rest,
free the liquid gold from the bottle, let it drip.

Cereal’s pretty good too, I have to say.
Cheerios and Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops.
I would eat it all the time if I may.
Seriously, cereal’s probably my favorite food group.

Don’t even get me started on French Toast.
Homemade French Toast is divine.
Almost as good as waffles- almost,
but it’s delicious anyways, so I won’t whine.

As you can see, breakfast is the best part of the day,
Nutritious and delicious, and in no way pernicious.
Breakfast is here to stay,
because, unlike lunch meat, there’s no way it’s malicious.

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