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UPDATE: Please record yourself reading your election piece! Just go to your post, click edit>>ADD MEDIA>>AUDIO>>RECORDER and follow instructions.

Challenge: Now What?

Around the country, and world, the reaction to the election of Donald Trump has been as divided as the campaign: Protests in big cities, joy and optimism in the smaller communities of the midwest and south. Women, immigrants, minorities express deep-seated fears. Supporters express excitement that Trump will bring the change in Washington they seek. President Obama and President-elect Trump meet in the Oval Office with dignity and openness.
  • The question for you to write about: Now what? How does the country move forward? What are your hopes? Your fears? What will you do now? How does the election change things for you? ALL views are welcome here. Diversity of views and experiences and perspectives breeds greater understanding. Let us show adults how conversations can be had without hostility.
  • For those who can respond quickly we'll get your best in  The Voice  being published this week!
  • For those needing more time, no problem. This challenge will be open for a while and will reflect all of our efforts to make sense of what happened and see more clearly where we are headed. Your work will be published at a later date.
Thanks to pen.org; we appreciated the prompt they asked adult writers: Now What?

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