Nov 11


I tell myself to look at the good
to point out all of the things
I have
Instead of all the things I don't
But some days it is hard to 
Feel lucky 
I know there is love 
Wrapping me tight
From friends whom I trust
And family whom I come from
But love isn't enough some days
Passion and a stable home
Food and transportation
And a solid future
It just isn't always enough
Although it should be
It can't be
Life gives me what my file says to give
It follows the predetermined set of luxuries
But on days when I can't control 
And my limbs weaken to the point of breakdown
I can't help but feel as if I am not getting enough
It's greedy and selfish and really god damn stupid
But there are points in my life when I just want to 
Yell and tell everyone what I want 
And what I think I deserve
Now I know this can't happen
Because life twists things
And makes what we want impossible to have
And on days when life likes to royally screw me
I honestly do one of two things
Laugh hysterically or cry hopelessly
Either way it sucks.