Nov 11

We had a choice

11/9, it even sounds bad as it slips over your tongue like slimy spaghetti. Car windows blurred by wet and dreary as the bus released preserved air pressure and sank like a stone to the level of the curb. He climbed out to a New York City with little light and rain that fell obnoxiously slowly towards you. He could see Trump tower almost emitting a glow. He asked Siri to instal the Drumpfinator attachment to google. The man walked in and didn't talk to anyone, no one wanted to talk either just to sit and watch or move along slowly through the heavy air. Someone outside cheered. People had asked for her but when it mattered he won. She could gain the trust of America but the battlegrounds were taken by him. It's like saying some places are worth more than others. Aren't we equals? Apparently not seeing as we chose him. The man walked away from this. This was not his choice, this wasn't Americas choice. The bullet would be.
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