Nov 11


Ralph the good young pegasus lives in the forest magical  with other pegasus  Ralph has to fly following the sunset to the magical forest, his home, from New York. He was in NY because he was captured by people. They wanted his wings so they could fly, they had seen him flying in the sky when he was traveling to meet new peopl. Someone helped him get away, Connor, who went with Ralph to the forest. He was running away from the law because they robbed a store.He robbed the store to get food for his sister because they had no money. The boy and Ralph left his sister behind in NY so she could be safe. Ralph and Connor fly away to the magical forest, where a dark pegasus named Daemon the punisher captured Conner because of the law he broke in NY when he robbed a store. Ralph made a plan to get Connor back with his friend Ares the wizard and his friend name Hades the elf. The broke Connor out of Daemon’s jail and hid from Daemon in a cave protected by a force field from all other peoples and pegasus made by Ares. In the end, these friends learned to not judge a book by its cover. Everyone is complicated, not everything is black and white.
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