Nov 11

The coffees

I was sitting in the cafe and the band was playing. It was a song I had heard before and I began to tap my foot to the beat while I finished my latte. The Coffees was the name of the cafe I was in and they had the best caramel lattes ever. It is a habit of mine to come here every friday night because let's face it I have nothing better to do on a friday night. I finished my latte and was walking towards the door when I bumped into him. He had the grayet eyes I had ever seen and I was mesmerised. He was tall and had dirty blond hair the looked like it needed a cut but it wasn’t too long. I looked up at his face and he had this bad boy smirk on his face that I wanted to smack off his face. 
I said “sorry” 
 and walked out the door. The sun was setting so I decided to walk to the park. The street was lit up with soft christmas lights and it was beautiful. It is my favorite place to be. I was just about to turn the street when someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the him with his bright gray eyes. This time he was smiling
 “ This is yours”He says 
and he ands me my phone. I check my pockets and my phone was gone. 
“ thank you”
 And with that I walk away. I pick up my phone and check to make sure nothing was tampered with. It is find and I sigh in relief. I walk to the entrance of the park and go to the swing sets. It make look weird having twenty year old at a park with no children but I come here every Friday night. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, the wind blows and I smell the fall leaves and the pine trees near by. The san is down so I start to walk home. I live in an apartment on 221B Baker Street. It only took five minutes for me to get home. I walk up the stairs and into my bedroom and fall onto the bed. It's been a long week and I just fall asleep.