Nov 11
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The day after

On November, 8th, I was watching the election until about 10:30. It was very close when I went to bed.
In the morning my mom woke me up and said “Wake up. I have some bad news.”
“Trump won didn't he?” I asked. 
“Sadly yes.”

I was not super surprised. Just listening to the debates and what people say on Social Media. 
I started to think. I am really hoping that women will still have equal rights. I hope that LGBTQ+ people will be treated at the very least the same as they as they are now if not better because I have a bunch of LGBTQ+ friends. I have many colored friends. 
I fear that Trump will completely destroy democracy as we know it. This completely changes because we have a pretty good and equal country, but now that Trump is the president. That could completely change how this country runs and treats each other. We are already broken enough. 
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