Nov 11
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A Few Suggestions For a More Perfect World

In a perfect world money would have less power over people. The earth would be constantly growing bigger so overpopulation wouldn’t be such a problem. All children would have a home with parents who loved and cared for them, so people could adopt all the children in need before they reproduced and created more, which would also work to keep the population down.

School Systems would be better and children would learn information instead of just memorizing for a test and not retaining any of it. Everything kids would learn would have a purpose in later life so they wouldn’t have to ask, “When will I ever need to know this?” because they would trust that it would be important as they got older. The homework load would be diminished substantially to only thirty minutes a night TOTAL, as in all the classes combined. College would be more affordable. People would study the humanitarians. There wouldn’t be that much of a gap between the high class and the lower class and there would be more available jobs with good benefits and payed well.

    Children would want to play outside and be respectful to everyone and everything. Those children would grow up to be responsible, respectful, happy, productive, and motivated; not lazy or obese. They wouldn’t misbehave or be mean to their fellow classmates. They would value education and hard work and yearn to learn.

There wouldn’t be any homeless people and prescription drugs wouldn’t be addictive. Other drugs such as tobacco, cocaine, marijuana, and heroine wouldn’t exist and if they did people wouldn’t do them because they would know how bad they are for you. People would still get sick with the common cold and the flu, but cancer and other rare and deadly diseases would be cured.

Everyone would have nutritious food and grow up to be healthy and strong.Everyone would tell the truth and be honest because honesty should be something valued by our society. The average life expectancy would be ninety years of age.There wouldn’t be corrupt government or wars. If there was a problem, people would sit and talk about it and solve it peacefully instead of resorting to violence. Divorce would be less common because people would fall in love and get married and stay together for the rest of their lives. They could get divorced, but it would be less common.

Cars and driving would be safer and the car accidents would be fewer and farther in between. Traveling would be really affordable and good for the environment. There would be less pollution and global warming would be a thing of the past. Animals would stop going extinct and new species would develope. Our science technology and equipment would be really far advanced but the technology used by the average person wouldn’t be as advanced such as the television, cell phone, and watch. These kinds of technology would almost revert to a simpler version of themselves. They aren’t that important and people wouldn’t feel like they need them.