Nov 11


The house was dead could hear nothing but the sounds of the old house. It was midnight when I awoke sweating. Did my mom turn the heat on before she left? I thought to myself. My parents were gone for the night, at a all night party. My brother was across the hall sleeping. I dont see how he could sleep when its this hot. I went to the hallway to check the heat. It was at 90 degrees! I put it back down to 70. I went down stairs and my cat scared me as she jumped from behind a door. I got some water and sat at the computer. I was checking my email went it shut down. Are you kidding me? It was an old computer anyways...I was walking upstairs when I heard something. "Hello?" I said aloud, "is anyone there?" I slowly made my way back down stairs.. I heard a door creep open to the basement, I went to the door and turned on the light on my phone. I went into the basement and looked around. I heard a sound, a simple, quiet sound. Then another, and another, all I could hear was a whisper here, and then there, all around me growing louder and louder, like a heartbeat growing faster and faster. I fall to my knees covering my ears from the intensity of what little whiper turned into a scream filling the room with terror.  The sound grows, getting louder and louder, drowing out the world aroud me. I scream, the sound is too much to bare I can't hear my own thoughts, I hear another scream, I can't tell if it's mine or not and just then, in an instant....Silence.