Nov 12
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It was the average gym class day. going into the locker room thinking why do I have to do this? Can't I just not change for this one day? but as usual I changed.We gather as a group so the teacher can get our attendance. Next is dynamic warm ups. Which is the point in gym class were my bladder suddenly needs to be relieved. I enter the gym again and conveniently warm ups are done. Today was not like any other day in gym class oh no it was the day where we play "sharks and nimos". Which is really a glorified version of tag. Which may I mention I still play and I'm in 11th grade. The first time down was inevitably the worst. There were fast kids waiting to get anyone who came in their way out. The gym teacher dressed in sweatpants just trying to do what gym teachers do, blows the whistle and we're off. Now this intense moment it wasn't just a usual start off oh no. It was the I am gonna run as fast I can start. I sprinted to the other end of the gym. This was the time where I believe that I slightly got tripped but since I was sprinting it turn catastrophic. I fell I closed my eyes felt myself fall and hit my head of the cement wall. Which I might add still is missing paint to this very day. I began to think ouch that hurt, but since you know I can't just fall and cry oh no I tried to get up and laugh it off. At which time I fell unconscious and apparently scared everyone. Which like really what’s so scary about one of your classmate flailing around on the floor like a fish and they have no idea what their doing? I woke up from little snooze and know I hit my head so my first thought was oh great I'm paralyzed. I admittedly started to move my legs and arm. Which at this point felt like they weigh a ton. The nurse with gray hair who was the typical hippy tells me not to move. I look to my sides and all of my classmates are in lines on the sides of the gym. Okay weird?  Apparently I caused a lockdown drill and some kids were so scared for me they cried. An EMS crew came down from the our technical center and put me in a neck brace. They send me away on the stretcher. My mom rides down in the ambulance with me. The whole way there she is telling me not to close my eyes. Which at this point I just want to sleep and go nighty night. We get to the hospital where my dad met us and other than that I remember  nothing. I can only assume it’s the typical hospital stuff where you wait hours to find out something that should take that amount of time to find out. So that was the story were I made it so since then until now we never really played tag again in gym class. Which has been a good 5 years and a new gym teacher. Also I had a huge freaking ball on my head it was like half a baseball after I hit it. I still have a small bump so I mean memories right?
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