Nov 12
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Alone in the Crowd

I walked into the cofee shop, and sat down in one of the worn, brown chairs. It was cold out side, and I was glad for the cozy temperature inside the room. He was supposed to be here any second, but I guess he was running a bit late. I looked at the couple next to me, an old man and woman, smiling at eachother through wrinkled eyes. A family was sitting behind me, a whining baby, with a young mother and father who had tired looks on their faces. A man was sitting alone in the corner, unconciously nodding his head to some unknown music, and typing something on his laptop. It was a shop full of people, and here I was, sitting alone in the middle of it. I looked around, at the framed pictures on the wall, of happy kids, and cofee cups. I guess I would wait for him. It wasn't entirely unpleasant. The smell of cofee wafted over from the counter, and I just listened to the soft music of talking and noise.