Nov 13


Head boppin'
Feet thumpin'
Eyes closed
Mind open
Fingers tappin'
Pencil wrappin'
Paper crinkled
Words now bleak
Can't help but dance, to this beat
I can't dance
But I'm alone
Plus, I'm just in that zone
Homework time is now done
Can't concentrate with all this,
Music in my ears
Drummers in my eyes
Dancing on my feet
Words hanging from my lips
I grab another pencil for my other hand
Tapping on the table
The chair
The lamp
My ceramic bear
I keep bustin' moves
In the groove
" Are you done your homework yet!?"
"Almost, mom!"
I turn the beat down
Grab more paper
Write more words
Read my book
All the while thinking,
'When I'm done, I'll start this party again'
But this time,
It'll be ten times more fun