Daily Challenges: A new idea to explore and create each day. Use sound and photos, too!

MY DIFFERENCES: This is something we don't talk about. Really. Oh, we talk alright but we don't always necessarily listen. And then again, often we are told (in school) to avoid talking about differences. But how are we to understand if we don't talk? If we don't express? If we don't respect others' perspectives AND our own?

So this theme, which will run for two weeks, asks you to talk about the difficult topics. Talk about your race. What advantages does your race give you? What disadvantages? Are you a Trump supporter? Talk about it. What is your experience with people who are different? Are you different? Tell a story about someone you know who is different. Tell a story about how you think differently than your friends and how that plays into your daily life. Or maybe you think the same. What can you do to increase your knoweldge of someone who is different either by race or economics or geography or opportunity? What about your gender identity? Tell us about your own isolation. Or the group in which you feel most part of.

The questions are ideas. The prompt is: My differences

Use hashtag: #digiwrimo
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