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Once upon a time there were four glittery unicorns.  One day one of the glittery  unicorns went to find a house. Instead he decided to make a house. The glittery unicorn decided to make the house out of glitter and non drying rainbow glitter pant. The second  unicorn went and made her house out of glittery sticks. The third unicorn mad his house out of rainbow glittery paper. The last glittery unicorn made house out of glittery bricks. One day the big bad pegasus came along and trid blowing the first glittery unicorns house it was pretty easy because it was made of non drying rainbow glitter paint . so the unicorn when  to it’s sister’s house. The big bad pegasus come to the second house it was a little bit harder but not much because it was made of sticks. Then they ran to there other sister. Then the big bad pegasus went there and tried to blow down the house. It was harder but not to hard because it was made out of glittery paper. So the the tree  unicorns went running to the last unicorns house . the big bad pegasus ran down the rode after them. She got there and tried and tried to blow the house down but he could not blow down the house. So the unicorns lived there live and had a happily ever after.
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