Dec 07
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Safe Haven

Everyone has a different idea of where home is. Where you can be yourself no matter the difficulties in life. It may be your bedroom, the library or even the bathroom! It's a special place to rejuvenate your motivation and spirit needed to keep you going.

I feel the most me in the one true place that can activate my inner zen. There is peace all around, for the forest is my home. Finding a quiet area surrounded by flourishing life makes me happy to be alive. The soft ground beneath my feet, relieving the pain from the hard floors walked on day after day. This is where I can be me, my safe haven. Camera in hand and heart open to the adventure ahead. People say it's boring, everything looks the same but not in my eyes. Unique in different ways the forest homes millions of creatures. Providing a safe habitat that adapt and changes to problems, making a whole new landscape of life.
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