Dec 08

Backpack Challenge Response

       "My name is Winter Summerfields-" I hear chuckling. I look around the room to figure out who it is. Keep looking, I tell myself. No one can make fun of me, I'm one of the greatest people on earth.
       "Mrs Summerfields? Are you all right?" Sarah says. I look at her.
       "Yes Sarah, I just thought I heard chuckling when I introduced myself." I say. She nods.
       "Well I am sorry about that. No one should laugh at your name." Sarah replies. I nod. I will find who laughed at my name. 
       "Continuing, I am Winter Summerfields-" I hear it again, but this time I stopped right when they laughed. Then I saw who it was - Jackson. Jackson, the one who would always mess up my work. Jackson who would always make fun of me, even though I am one of the greatest people in the world.
       "Jackson Foister? Could you please come up here." I say, challenging him to come and try to make fun of me one more time. He walks up to me, surprisingly. I look him in the eyes, and he sneers. He's such a child.
       "What do you want?" He sneers. I feel my cheeks go hot.
       "You can go back to your seat, it was nothing." I say. He nods and sneers, walking back to his seat.
       "Like I was saying... I am Winter Summerfields and I created the cure for cancer." I say, smiling. Everyone smiles, amazed, even though they'd heard it millions of times before. Everyone starts chatting. The room suddenly gets very loud.
       "Tell us the story!" I hear someone yell. It's the guy that has shown up to every one of my events, asking for the story over and over again.
       "Tell us the story again!"
       "I've never heard the story!" 
       Sarah looks at me. I look at her and nod. 
       "Settle down everyone!" She says into the microphone. Immediatly, everyone quiets. "Mrs Summerfields is going to make her speech -" Everyone starts chattering again.
       "The great speech?"
       "I've only heard that on TV!"
       "My sister told me about it!"
       "What's the great speech?" Here we go again.
       "MRS SUMMERFIELDS IS GOING TO MAKE HER SPEECH!" Sarah yells at everyone. All the people quiet. " She is going to make her speech about why she created the cure."
        "You might have heard the great speech before, but here I am again. Telling the world." I say, taking a quick glance at Sarah. "I feel as if we are made to live past the illnesses. The illnesses and diseases cannot stop us from making life the best it could be. We fight them, with all our might. Cancers are the hardest to fight. But not anymore. I, Winter Summerfields, have created the cure for cancer. Humans are now living their full lives, and the oldest person alive on earth is named Anthony Horanx, living to 139 years of age. The cure makes humans live longer!" Everyone cheers at the last bit.
       "Quiet please!" I say into the mic. "Do any of you know someone with cancer?" I pause for dramatic effect.
       "Ooh ooh I do!"
       "Uhh me to!"
       "Well, right now we have a limited offer. We are selling the vials to cure cancer 25% off!" I say, then cheer with the crowd.
       "How long does it last?"
       "It lasts for three months!" Sarah yells. We look at each other, and smile. "Settle down! Winter has something she would like to say." I look towards the crowd that has fallen silent.
       "People of 2121, I am going to tell you the story of how I created the cure." I say. Sarah goes backstage to signal the cameramen. This is going to be live TV. Sarah slips her hand out of the curtains with a thumbs up. I start my story.
       "This happened a while ago... Precisely 2116..."

   Five years ago, in the year 2116....

       "MOM!" I yell. "MOM!" I run down the stairs, bumping into Mom.
       "What in the world do you need to talk to me about SO SO badly?" Mom turns to look at me.
       "I'M LATE I'M LATE!!! MAKE MY LUNCH I NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL!!!" I practically shout in Mom's ear. Mom sighs.
       "No," She says. " You are 17 now!"
       "But I NEED to get ready!" I plead.
       "Nope. It's not my fault you slept in... So go DEAL with it," She turns around and walks off. Sometimes she does things like that. I hate it.